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founder of green curve store renuka ravichandran

About Us and More

About Us, in case you were wondering...

Green Curve store was founded by me, Renuka. Lover of textiles and mother of Leo, our two year old unofficial product tester. 

During lockdown, I realised I wanted to turn my children’s clothing brand into something more sustainable. Baby items are so often thrown away and I wanted to create something that could be used for longer than six months.

Leo sleeps with a muslin every single night, and so the idea to specialise in made-to-order organic cotton and bamboo blankets seemed a perfect fit. 

Now, I create soft swaddles and comfy quilts that are kind to the planet and loved by kids. Made by mothers, for mothers and are always designed with the environment in mind.

Support women

Each of our pieces are handwoven at Gramodaya women’s co-operative in Kerala, India. The 12 local village women that work there are treated well and paid a good wage, so they can become financially independent. I believe it’s important for women to uplift each other, no matter where they live.

Support the planet

I work on a made to order system, so I only purchase as much organic fabric as I need. Once the blankets are sewn, they’re sent to the UK, where I hand print them at my house on Green Curve street. (Using water based, non-toxic dye, of course). From there, I send them out to you, in our plastic-free packaging. The earth is our kids’ future playground, so I believe it’s important to keep it as clean as we can.

Support your family 

I’m picky about everything from our production methods to our inks, because I want you to treasure our pieces forever. They’re made to the highest quality so will last for years to come. Pass them on to relatives as your little ones get older or gift them to a kind friend who really deserves it.